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Life Without God





Description: Judges concludes with two heart-wrenching stories illustrating how far the people were from God. Both feature a Levite as a key character, signifying that even the priestly class of wise sages did not have the heartbeat of God within them. The lesson for us is that our hearts could be far from God and we could be excluding God from our lives and decisions, but the consequence is a total breakdown in society and in our own moral fiber. Instead, let us focus our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith!

Keywords: Judges, Israel, Micah, Gibeah, Benjamin, Levite, Concubine, God, Jesus, Bible, Sermon, Bible Fellowship Church, BFC, Whitehall

Date: December 03, 2017

Series: Judges

Speaker: Pastor Tim

Church: Whitehall

Scripture: Judges 17-21

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