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Global Outreach

Our Global Outreach committee partners with the BFC Board of Missions and the BFC Church Extension Ministries. The Bible Fellowship Church is committed to the work of world evangelization based on an Acts 1:8 strategy. Our churches support the missionaries below.

Sam & Melissa Adams, Bernville, PA, USA
Andy & Stacy Barnes, Long Neck, DE, USA
BFC Church Extension
Raymond & Louise Bertolet, USA
BFC Church Extension Ministries
Larry & Michelle Davies, PA, USA
John & Karen Elias, PA, USA
BFC Board of Missions
Jim & Lynne Head, North Carolina, USA
World Team
Kim Knaub, Tanzania
Phil & Jan Morrison, Kenya
Tony & Joanna Murrin, Bolivia
Ripe for Harvest
John & Judy Nicely, Illinois, USA
Gary & Karen Shogren, Costa Rica
World Venture
Tim & Lori Zuck, Forks Township, PA, USA
BFC Church Extension