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Easter 2019

Easter Events




Saturday, April 13 – Easter Egg Hunt

Kids Easter Egg Hunt (11:00am)  This free event is for all children ages 1-12. Bring a basket and come ready to hunt for all the candy-filled treasures you can find!

Sunday, April 14 – Palm Sunday

Worship Gathering (10:15-11:30am)    Palm Sunday leads us in to the week of Jesus’ passion. He enters Jerusalem, hailed as king, riding on a donkey. Yet five days later these same people crucify Him. Our text for the day is John 2:13-25 when Jesus cleanses the Temple the first time. He’d do that again three years later on Palm Sunday.

Thursday, April 18 – Maunday Thursday

Last Supper Passover Meal (7pm-8:30pm)    Thursday leading up to Easter is the day Jesus celebrated the Passover meal with His disciples. That evening, He was arrested and convicted of blasphemy. In this meal, we will talk about the Jewish Passover meal and how Jesus connected each of its pieces to His death on the cross.

Friday, April 19 – Good Friday

Good Friday Worship Gathering (7pm-8pm)    We remember the death of our Savior Jesus. His sacrifice is the reason we have forgiveness of sin. Let’s join together to thank Him for His love and grace.

Sunday, April 21 – Easter Sunday

“Sonrise” Service (9:00-9:30am)    We will begin our Easter festivities outdoors singing and hearing the message and power of the empty tomb!

Family Breakfast (9:30-10:15am)    We will enter the building to enjoy a continental breakfast. Participants are invited to bring food to share with the congregation. We encourage you to bring a pastry, fruit, or something light.

Worship Gathering (10:15-11:30am)    Jesus is risen from the dead! We will celebrate with joyful singing, reading and preaching His Word! Our text for the day is John 3:1-16 where Jesus shows us our need for new life which He freely gives to all who believe.

No Sunday School or Evening Gatherings