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Pastor Tim


Pastor Schmoyer was born in Bethlehem, PA. In 1985, his family moved out of the UCC and joined Cedar Crest BFC in Allentown, PA. He was born again at the age of five while reading thru the four gospels with his father. The Lord has used the BFC greatly in his life to ground him in the ways of the Lord, teaching him to love, know, and revere our Great Savior, Jesus Christ. It was at Victory Valley Camp where Tim learned a passion for ministry and teaching. While serving there for six years, Tim also met Rachel Davidson. The two dated for five years and married in August of 2002.


Tim holds a B.S. in Bible with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministry from Philadelphia Biblical University, now Cairn University and holds his mDiv in Contemporary Leadership from Biblical Theological Seminary. He is currently a candidate for Doctor of Ministry (2016) from Biblical Theological Seminary.

Rachel also holds a BS in Bible and Early Childhood Education from Philadelphia Biblical University, now Cairn University.

Coming to Whitehall

Tim served as pastor for seven years at a sister church in Camden, Delaware. In July of 2009, our Whitehall Church called him to be the senior pastor. The Scriptures teach, “a man may inherit all his wealth from his parents, but a wise and diligent wife is a gift from the Lord” and that has really been true for Tim; Rachel is his greatest asset, a suitable helper in life and ministry. Tim and Rachel live in Whitehall and are excited to see how the Lord will bless our church as we all minister side by side.


Tim and Rachel have four kids: Nathaniel (2004), Evelyn (2006), Caroline (2008), and Molly (2009). Tim and Rachel love being parents and raising their kids to love Jesus.