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Help Bushenyi School for the Disabled

A Presentation about the School

Ronald was blinded at the age of seven because of a simple eye infection that went untreated, yet the Lord provided for Ronald to continue his schooling. Now he is a teacher at the Bushenyi School for the Disabled teaching students who are visually impaired or blind.

In the spring of 2019, Ronald attended a Wycliffe Associates training for the SUN language to learn how to translate the Bible tactilely accessible language so that people who are blind and deaf/blind have a chance to read the Bible for themselves. Since then Ronald has continued to be in contact with Wycliffe Associates.

Spring of 2020, Bushenyi School for the Disabled abruptly closed due to COVID-19. Upon reopening, when the students returned to school, Ronald was heartbroken to find that 31 of the students had been severely neglected, dehydrated, and malnourished during lockdown.

Ronald’s heart went out to the students and he wanted to make sure that their needs were met. When rumors started flying about a second lockdown, he contacted the families of the 31 students to get permission to house these students in his own home to be sure that they are well cared for.

Ronald, his wife, and their three young children are trusting the Lord to provide the resources to feed, clothe, and give medical care to these students.

Whitehall BFC wants to partner with Ronald to provide care for these students.

We would like to provide $25 a day to help Ronald and his wife feed the students in his care.

$175 would help feed the students for a week.

Please pray for God to provide for the needs of Ronald’s students as during this time of lockdown.

Click here for more information about Wycliffe Associates and the SUN language.