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We believe that Jesus is God, that God His Father sent Him to earth in order to rescue people from their sinfulness and the penalty that their sinfulness exacts, that He being fully God and fully man simultaneously offered Himself as the sacrifice for our sins, and died and that on the third day, His Father raised Him from the dead.

We believe that true disciples of Jesus are born again through belief in His name, that they are indwelt by God, the Holy Spirit, who empowers them for godly living and service to God, and that they will never fall from the faith. The way to know how to live a godly life is by reading and applying the Bible. Therefore, the Bible is central to the ministry of this church.

We believe that the Bible is not only important but that it is vital. This is because it is no invention of men but the very words of God. The Holy Spirit inspired all the writers to record the will of God without error in any way. What we read is God’s statement on all the issues of life.


Articles of Faith
We have 28 articles that outline our doctrines as a church.

Biblical Principles for Living
We have surveyed the Bible for principles that guide how Christians make decisions.

Entire Faith and Order Document (2023)
This is a PDF file of our entire Faith and Order document. Searchable!


The BFC Denomination
Learn more about the Bible Fellowship Church

Our Mission "introducing ordinary people to extraordinary, ever-growing life in Jesus, our Savior."

Our Location

Whitehall Bible Fellowship Church
3300 Seventh Street
Whitehall, PA 18052

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